Scottish Organizations


St. Andrew’s Society of Connecticut – As with other St. Andrew’s Societies, the SASCT welcomes anyone with a love of Scotland and who wish to share that appreciation and sentiment with others.  Membership is open to all with this shared love of Scotland, its culture and heritage.  Scottish ancestry is not a prerequisite!  Throughout the year members gather to celebrate Burns Night as well as a family picnic.  A non-profit, all volunteer organization, SASCT awards scholarships and assistance throughout the year.


St. Andrew’s Society of Maine – Preservation and promotion of Scottish arts and culture are the keywords for the SASMA.  The key event of the organization is the annual Maine Highland Games held at Thomas Point, ME each year.  They also produce the Scottish Military Tatoo, Robert Burns Dinner and Tartan Day celebrations.  All their activities help to fund scholarships to students of the Scottish arts.  The Society’s programs include education, history and outreach.  A registered Maine Not For Profit organization they work to support others in their studies and their mission.

Ulster Scots Project – This project works to uncover and document the migrations stories of Scots from North Ireland to Maine and the impact that these populations had on New England.  Their mission is to promote awareness of Maine’s Scots-Irish heritage with combined resources of historians and academics and grow the understanding of the migration, genealogy and impact that this movement had on the local indigenous populations as well as the legacy.  The influences of this group can be found in very many areas such as legal and relationships to the land.


Scots’ Charitable Association – Founded in 1657 in Boston, the organization was formed to help people of Scottish Heritage by providing assistance and relief to Scottish-Americans and scholarships in the Scottish-American Community.  A focus remains to foster and cultivate social relations among their members and promote Scottish and Celtic heritage through the Boston, MA area through their own events as well as partnerships with other organizations.

St. Andrew’s Society of MA – A common goal for the many St. Andrew’s Societies throughout the United States and Canada is preserving and perpetuating Scottish culture and heritage.  SASMA is indeed dedicated to this mission, working to broaden the knowledge and reach of Scottish history and traditions, music literature and language.  Throughout the year you will find members of SASMA at various Highland Games and Gatherings willing and eager to share their knowledge and passion for the Scottish culture.

National Trust For Scotland Foundation USA – Boston – It is all about connecting with all things Scottish and the mission to preserve and protect the Scottish heritage.  NTSUSA is the US branch of the National Trust working with Scottish Americans and lovers of Scottish heritage to maintain all of the things that make Scotland unique whether it is the Culloden Battlefield, coastlines, castles and historic homes, art and architecture or the wilderness and incredible beauty of Scotland.  Preserving all of this to enjoy and appreciate now as well as for future generations.  A non-profit member organization which works to make certain these things will be cared for as time moves forward.


NHSCOT – Founded in 1975 as the NH Gathering of the Scottish Clans, Inc., NHSCOT has grown from a family picnic and only producing the NH Highland Games and Festival to being a comprehensive non-profit organization supporting, preserving and fostering Scottish culture and heritage.  The NH Highland Games & Festival is the organization’s flagship event, welcoming thousands of visitors and competitors from the United States, Canada and Europe during the three-day event.  But there is much more throughout the year with events such as Beltane, Hogmanay, Rocks, Hammers & Trees, and virtual events such as the Scottish Bound Book Club, presentations on the history of the lifting stones of Scotland by Martin Jansics, cooking demonstrations with Scotland’s National Chef Gary MacLean, storytelling from Scotland’s Laura Goodman and much more, reaching far beyond the borders of New Hampshire and New England.  NHSCOT also produces the New Hampshire Tartan.  

Students of Scottish Arts and culture as well as Scottish organizations and events benefit from scholarships and grants through the NHSCOT Fund.  Both beginner and more advanced pipers and drummers learn and improve their craft with the Pipes & Drums of NHSCOT and children of the Kearsarge Regional School enjoy an after-school program learning the basics of piping and drumming. [email protected]

S.C.O.T.S. Scottish Club of the Twin States of Vermont and New Hampshire – A Facebook group that welcomes all people of Scottish descent or who are interested in all things Scottish.

Strathspey and Reel Society of New Hampshire – A non-profit organization whose focus is all about learning and fun, SRSNH gathers each month to play the rich and varied music of Scotland and learn of its origins development.  Members of SRSNH are musicians of all ages and abilities and all are welcome to the sessions which are free and open to the public.  The group performs at a variety of events throughout the year from small local gatherings to large-scale events such as the NH Highland Games & Festival.

Scottish Arts – Primarily a teaching organization, Scottish Arts was first formed in 1984 as the NH School of Scottish Arts by Gordon and Lezlie Webster.  Lessons are offered in bagpipe, Highland Dance and fiddle and students may study to compete or purely for the enjoyment of learning.  Additionally Scottish Arts offers a few events throughout the year such as a Burns Night and whisky tasting. [email protected]


St. Andrew’s Society of Rhode Island – The SASRI, like other such organizations celebrates all things Scottish. Membership is open to all whether you are of Scottish descent or not.  Anyone interested in Scotland and it unique heritage, traditions, culture, food and history is welcome.  SASRI works to be a focal point in providing education and awareness of Scottish history, traditions and culture not only within the Rhode Island Scots community but beyond.  The Society participates at several Highland Festivals or similar events throughout the year as well as producing the annual Robert Burns Supper.  SASRI supports charitable efforts of other organizations in New England and Scotland.


S.C.O.T.S. Scottish Club of the Twin States of Vermont and New Hampshire – A Facebook group that welcomes all people of Scottish descent or who are interested in all things Scottish.

St. Andrew’s Society of Vermont – This non-profit group has inactive online due to COVID