Genealogical Research Hands-On Seminar | September 14-15, 2022

For NH Scots, Highland Games NHSCOT – New Hampshire Highland Games & Festival, Two-day Seminar, September 14-15, 2022, 9 AM to 4 PM, limited to 20 people


Day 1

Welcome by Ron Collins
Introduction to the Session
Each participant introduces themself
Collect from each participant what type of help they need in their research.
Organize the help needed into categories
PowerPoint Presentation: Introduction to Sources and how to find and use them:

  • Scotland’s People
  • Scottish Genealogical Society
  • Libraries
  • National Records of Scotland
  • Registers of Scotland
    • Statutory Records
    • Births
    • Deaths
    • Marriages
    • Banns
  • Census Records
  • Church Records
  • Legal Records
    • Penal
    • COA
Lunch Break
The afternoon focused on solving participants' individual research issues!

Participants are given homework assignments: using what they learned. How do they plan on tackling their research project issues?

Day 2

Review the homework assignments of each participant
In depth demonstration on how to use Scotland’s People and Statutory Records

Lunch Break
The afternoon focused on using Scotland’s People to solve participants' research issues
Wrap up and feedback!

NOTE: Each participant is encouraged to bring a laptop with internet capabilities.



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  1. My ancestors, so I was told, came over on one of the five ships to Boston in 1718/19. The surname is Otterson, the principal being a weaver…
    Might you know where I can find a passenger manifest, and determine the ship and port of origin?
    I know they settled in Nutfield, Chester, and later Hooksett.
    I am the last of my tribe in NH.
    Thank you in advance.

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