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No matter what brought you to Gaelic – be it Outlander, Scottish history, music, ancestry, or anything in between – this page will help you connect with other speakers and bring your Gaelic to life. We also share resources for Scottish music learners and connect you to Music experts.

Scottish Gaelic language

Scottish products have grown from old traditions and history while others are relatively new to the scene. It’s always lovely to have a story attached to the item you choose. Many of you will already know some of Scotland’s stories

Music Lessons

We know you might also enjoy a quiet night at home preparing your own delicious dinner for two (or twenty).

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It can be hard to find other learners to speak Gaelic with, let alone fluent speakers and teachers. This page will show you New England’s Gaelic offerings – online and off – so that you can interact with real humans, not just apps and social media posts.
We love t hear your feedback on these learning resources. We also welcome you to contribute to these resources.

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