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Throughout New England, there are many organizations that support the Scottish Community in a variety of ways – charitable, educational, and social. From the beginnings of settlement by the Scots and Scots-Irish in the region, organizations have been formed to foster and preserve the roots of the heritage they left behind. We will explore here all the societies and organizations.

Scottish organizations In New England

A need to come together to enjoy the music, traditions food, and culture and to support their fellow immigrants fostered the formation of groups such as the Scots Charitable Society, St. Andrew’s Societies, and more.

Scottish organizations In Scotland

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These groups serve the purpose of bringing like-minded people together to enjoy, strengthen and further the bonds of their shared heritage. Bho mhòran aon (from many one) applies to the many Scots and their organizations in New England dedicated to that one purpose – sharing and preserving the culture they love. I will be sharing more details here. As always, we welcome your suggestions for additions.

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