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The original award winning WeeBox comes to the Northeast

The original award-winning WeeBox comes to the Northeast

Summer news from Scottish Creations, one of our Scottish shops here in New England, is that they are delighted to be partnering with WeeBox to bring awareness of the fabulous subscription box of Scottish magic to the Northeast. Hilary, Founder of Scottish Creations says “WeeBox is wonderful! Each time a box is opened it brings a smile.”  Imagine having a wee purple box arriving each month, briming over with delightful Scottish items. Each one carefully curated from luxurious Scottish Brands, award winning Scottish Designers, and iconic brands you may already know.

And to bring a further wee smile, they are carefully wrapped in a Scottish newspaper, so you can have a wee peek at the Headlines of the day.

And no WeeBox would be complete without its ‘Wee Blether” magazine. Translating the Scottish word ‘Blether’ – a verb, an affectionate word for engaging in conversation, cozy chit chat (“ah met yer granny and had a richt guid blether!”) and is pronounced (Ble-thir).

Scottish Creations have just returned from being vendors at Glasgow Lands Scottish Festival last weekend and the response to WeeBox was smiles and laughter. Being able to send it as a gift to someone to brighten their day was met with lots of ‘Ah’s …. Birthdays or Christmas.’ And for Scottish Creations customers, they have a 10% off coupon for all subscriptions. Remember to use the coupon ‘WeeCreations10’.

If you are interested in learning more about WeeBox, click on this link:  https://scottishcreations.com/collections/weebox

Bringing the magic of Scotland to Scots and Scots at Heart worldwide… WeeBox and Scottish Creations


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