Celebrating Scotland’s long tradition of excellence in education

Many of its universities and colleges have strong connections here the northeast and, as we develop this section of the Scots in New England site, I look forward to introducing you to different aspects of higher education in Scotland.

Studying In Scotland

If you – or any of your friends or family – have an interest in studying in Scotland, then this is the place to come. In the months ahead, we’ll be featuring all of Scotland’s many different universities and colleges and letting you know who to contact to get additional information.

Alumni Groups

It is also worth mentioning that there are some very active Scottish alumni organizations locally and we will be telling you more about them and their events.

Let Us Know About Your Educational Goals and Career!

Scotland’s great educational accomplishments of the past are being mirrored in today’s research and teaching. It is of the highest level and something that is understandably a matter of great pride to everyone with a love for the country and its people.
When I chose to attend business school, I decided I would like to have an adventure while I was at it. I selected a Scottish university, figuring that I may as well be somewhere beautiful while I studied something practical. What I found was so much more. I came away from my masters with a wider perspective of the world, a camera full of the rolling Scottish Highlands, and the skills I needed to propel me into a new career. I cannot recommend studying there enough and I hope to share that enthusiasm with you.

Other Resources

And then of course there is distance learning. Watch this space if you are interested in studying in Scotland from the comfort of your chair in New England!

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