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Scots have a long history of being outstanding writers and storytellers (think Burns, Byron, Sir Walter Scott, Robert Louis Stevenson, JM Barrie…). Together we will explore a wide variety of excellent contemporary & traditional Scottish writing.

Literature & poetry

Scottish products have grown from old traditions and history while others are relatively new to the scene. It’s always lovely to have a story attached to the item you choose. Many of you will already know some of Scotland’s stories

Book Clubs

I will keep you posted on books I can’t wait to read and think you will want to read them as well! My plan is to suggest some books for your reading list, interview authors, and provide links to events that will expand your (and my) reading connections to all things Scottish. Consider joining NHSCOT’s book club for a taste of the variety of books available from Scottish authors or about Scotland.

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Share your favorite Scottish Readings and Poetry!

I very much hope that you enjoy reading along with us and that you will reach out to our group to share your favorites or let me know of any Scottish literature events you hear about. I will want to add them to our page. As always, we welcome your suggestions for additions.

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