Welcome to the Scottish community of foodies

We will explore the food and drink of Scotland as it is modern and evolving, as well as it is warm and comforting. We explore these venues on our pages and help you find Scottish foods and beverages in their many forms.

Restaurants & Pubs

If you’re like us, you love to go to restaurants, enjoy good food and conversation, and of course an excellent whisky.

Scots in New England talks with Scotland’s National Chef, Gary Maclean.!

Larry Bethune
Vice President, Scots in New England

Recipies & Cooking

We know you might also enjoy a quiet night at home preparing your own delicious dinner for two (or twenty).

Share your Scottish food ideas!

Do you like to share your favorite Scottish recipe? or you are a Scottish food vendor? We love to hear your stories, ideas and share with the Scots in New England community.

Food Vendors

Explore Scottish cuisine along with us. We promise to find you Scottish food vendors and their unique offerings in our foodie adventures.

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