Community Announcement: Don’t Mind If I don’t

Hello, my name is Christine Stoddard and I am the co-host of Don’t Mind If I Don’t, a new comedy TV show created by Aaron Gold. In our inaugural episode of Don’t Mind If I Don’t, actor/comedian Aaron Gold tries to see the merits of bagpipes. Will his horizons be expanded? Or if someone wants a cacophony of honking, should they just do what normal people do and tape a bunch of geese together?

The episode premiered on Nov. 28th at 2pm on YouTube but is still available for viewing. Special Guests include Cassandre Balbar of the International Bagpipe Organization and John Henderson of NYU & King’s County Pipes & Drums Band.

Here is the link

More about Don’t Mind If I Don’t: Can you change your own tastes? Don’t Mind If I Don’t is a comedic educational series where funnyman Aaron Gold invites fans and experts of things he doesn’t like to convince him why he is wrong. Joined by the overqualified and widely lauded co-host Christine Stoddard, Aaron guides the viewer on expanding your own horizons, whether you want to or not. The show is set to air on Manhattan Neighborhood Network.

You can find out more about me at WorldOfChristineStoddard.com and about Aaron at HeyItsAaronGold.com. We would be so delighted if you shared our episode with your community of bagpipers

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