Scots In New England Talks With Scotland’s National Chef, Gary Maclean

Gary Mclean and scots in newengland interview

Born in Glasgow, multi-award-winning chef Gary Maclean spent his early career working in hotels where he learned a number of key skills. At the age of 30 he opened his own restaurant in Glasgow and as head chef challenged himself to create new and exciting menus for his customers regularly. He went on to run the kitchens at Glasgow’s Gallery of Modern Art and the Burrell Collection.

Gary has also held executive chef positions at two of Scotland’s biggest independent operators. His current role as Senior Lecturer at the City of Glasgow College drives his passion for mentoring other young chefs and creative cooking.

In December 2016 he was crowned MasterChef: The Professionals Champion 2016, after taking on 47 other professional chefs in the pursuit of gastronomic glory. He battled through seven weeks of fierce competition on our TV screens and extraordinary cooking in the culinary challenges. There was only one king of the kitchen and he touched the hearts and passions of the UK TV audience.

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