Ghillies and pumps for Scottish Country Dancers and Highland Dancers

Ghillies And Pumps For Scottish Country Dancers And Highland Dancers


Ghillies are dance shoes worn by both Highland and Scottish Country Dancers. They are soft leather shoes with laces that crisscross as they lace up. The term ‘ghillie’ refers to the lacing style. Ghillies worn for country dancing usually have soles cut in a definite right and left fit (‘right and left lasts’) Highland ghillies generally do not have a left and right. Pumps are slip-on shoes that have elastic that runs through the top and can be tightened. The Thistles & Things Shop carries Thistle brand shoes in both Argyle and Brechin styles. Both styles have Noene Shock Technology built into the sole. Pumps are also available. It is possible to special order ghillies in colors other than black. The Strathspey style is available for Highland Dancers.

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