Introduction To Doing Scottish Genealogy

Everyone starting to dive into Scottish genealogy needs a place to start. It is not always obvious. Some begin with a known Scottish ancestor and try to find where they came from in Scotland, who were their parents, etc. While surnames help a great deal (though surname spellings often change upon immigration), given names can be frustrating. In a real case for example, in a village in Argyle of 200 people there were over a dozen male children born in one year in the mid-1800’s all having the same surname and all named John. So, if you were unlucky enough to have one of these Johns as an ancestor, how would you know which John? It can be frustrating and daunting. I suggest to all researchers begin with Scotland’s People (http://www.ScotlandsPeople.gov.uk). This is your main source for all things related to your Scottish ancestors. Attached, is a short PDF presentation of what you can find on Scotland’s People and other sources of genealogical information.”

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