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Gibson Bagpipes

The Holidays are fast approaching. Thanksgiving is on the horizon followed immediately by Black Friday. I’m sure you will be bombarded with adverts from large companies about everything you could want, with sneak peeks at their best deals. If you are organized and quick off the mark you may even snag one. However, if you are anything like me, unorganized and slow to get going, or do not need any of the items offered, I’m left wondering ‘what to do about gift shopping for the holidays. So, that got me thinking about the Scottish shops we have right here in New England. Each one is a small, family-run business. Perhaps they don’t have the buying power to offer the incredible deals we see on Black Friday but what they do have is a friendly face willing to take the time to guide you through their range of
quality Scottish products and help you find that special gift.

I invited our shops to recommend their top 5 gifts this season, and I must say, there are some wonderful suggestions covering a lovely range of Scottish items. Many of these can be bought directly from each website. If you would like to speak with someone, names and phone numbers are also included.

Today we are going to focus on Gibson Bagpipes – North Americas Premier Handcrafted Bagpipes’ Anything to do with piping? Gibson Bagpipes has a reputation second to none in the Piping world. One of their reviews speaks directly to this:

“I recently bought a set of R110-D’s with imitation horn mounts, and the set is truly terrific! Specifically, the pipes are light weight, the drones are really steady, the instrument tunes very easily, and the drone sound is big. They perform extremely well in all aspects… I could go on, but it may be enough to say that my new set of Gibson R-110-D’s make me a much better player, and I am thrilled to have them. We are lucky to have Gibson Bagpipes now located in New Hampshire”

Gibson Bagpipes’s customer review

Here are their top 5 recommendations for Holiday shopping this season:

R-101-A Long Poly Practice Chanter with Beginner’s Kit

Their R-101-A Long Poly Practice Chanter has been one of the most popular practice chanters worldwide for decades. Included in this beginner kit is one of the most comprehensive instruction books available, written by Pipe Major Sandy Jones.

R-101-E Cocobolo Practice Chanter

Their R-101-E Cocobolo Practice Chanter is an excellent choice for those who want an aesthetically and tonally beautiful practice instrument. These practice chanters are simply the best. Also available in African Blackwood.

R-103-BB Cocobolo Brass Fireside Smallpipes –

Gibson Fireside Smallpipes are a one-of-a-kind instrument that will not disappoint. Since they are much easier to blow and much quieter than highland pipes, the hardest part about playing them is putting them down!

R-104-B Ceilidh Pro Smallpipes

Gibson’s Ceilidh Pro Smallpipes are the top-of-the-line model in the Gibson Ceilidh Pipe family. This unique 4-drone instrument is able to play in the keys of both A and D to ensure things never get old!

R-110-F Engraved Nickel Great Highland Bagpipes

Gibson’s line of Great Highland Bagpipes is arguably the best-sounding, easiest-playing bagpipes available today. We take pride in our work, crafting each piece by hand every step of the way. Our model R-110-F is the highest package available in our standard model line, but custom orders are always welcome.

The Gibson website can be found at where you can see all the above-suggested items. The website isn’t set up for online sales, but people are welcome to call the shop to place orders.
Telephone Number: (603)402-2972.
If you would prefer to visit them directly, you will find them at 29 Mason St. in Nashua, NH
Happy Shopping!
Look out for more articles featuring our New England Scottish Shops coming up soon.

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