The Minister On The Loch, a strathspey dance devised by Roy Goldring, is named after the oil painting by Sir Henry Raeburn of the Reverend Robert Walker. 

The Reverend Robert Walker Skating on Duddingston Loch, is an oil painting attributed to Henry Raeburn in the National Gallery of Scotland in Edinburgh. It was painted during the Scottish Enlightenment.

The minister portrayed in this painting is Robert Walker, a Church of Scotland minister who was born in 1755 in Monkton, Ayrshire.  Walker was the minister of the Canongate Kirk as well as being a member of the Edinburgh Skating Club, the first figure skating club formed anywhere in the world. The club met on the Loch  shown in the painting.

Information sourced from: Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary https://www.scottish-country-dancing-dictionary.com/dance-crib/minister-on-the-loch.html


  • Pat Tillotson

    Pat has gone through her teaching exams with the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society and currently teaches the Brunswick, Maine class, having taught for 21 years. She also organizes a demonstration group who perform at various locations in Maine. Having run a Bookstore for dancers in the past, she has accumulated a large collection of dances and music for them. Pat currently is the Past President of the St Andrews Society of Maine.

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