Spotlight on Scottish Designer Bill Baber Knitwear 

It’s starting to get a little chilly here in the Northeast, just as it is in Scotland. As we Scots would say, ‘Aye, the nights are fair draw’n in’. At this time of the year in November it starts to get dark at 5pm and by December it will be dark at 4pm! Along with the short daylight hours it can often be even more rainy than usual and then our favorite word comes into play, Dreich! Damp dark and miserable! How do we stay so cheery? Our warm and cozy clothes and we laugh, mostly at ourselves… and the weather of course! 

Given the time of year, I thought you might like to know a little bit about one of our favorite cozy clothes designers. Bill Baber of Edinburgh, a family business founded in the 1970’s in the heart of Edinburgh.

Helen and Bill Baber, along with their son Jack, run this small family business that focuses on brilliant colors, natural fibers and unique Scottish design. From yarn selection, through knitting and hand finishing they strive for the highest levels of quality and take great care and attention with each and every garment produced.

Constantly refining and adding to their collection whether this is new colors, styles or fabrics they are a proud Made in Scotland business that produces genuine Scottish Knitwear for all shapes and sizes.

Based in the Grassmarket, in Edinburgh’s Old Town, they knit each garment in a variety of delightful color combinations that will brighten even the most dreich day. If you would like more information, Scottish Creations carries the Bill Baber range. Scottish Creations is an online store based here in the Northeast www.scottishcreations.com

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