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The Great Islay Adventure of 2015

Early in the morning of January 20, 2015, Sir Barley Bethune (Laird Otter) began his great adventure to discover the source of the perfect “Water of Life” or “Uisge Beatha”

He traveled to the remote island off the west coast of Scotland known to the natives as Islay – also known as “The Happy Island.”  This is because it has only 3,000 inhabitants who enjoy eight whisky distilleries. (NOTE: there are now nine distilleries with several more in the making.)

Bethune bravely attempted to “discover” all 8 distilleries in just 4 days.  Only a New Englander from a stout-hearted Hieland family would be able to withstand the unyielding power of the “SIREN SPIRITS OF UISGE BEATHA.”

Read on, MacDuff…

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